Build Long-Term Relationships with Video

Our personalized video platform makes it easy to engage your audience, helping drive events and enrollment, raise awareness and funds, and turn first time donors into life-time supporters.

Personalization is Everything

Target An Audience Of One

Personalize messages en masse - record videos back-to-back with no delay! Easy team usage speeds up the process even more.

Pull In More Information

Group your recipients by name, class year and other criteria to record a single video for the cohort. Merge those data points into written aspects of the platform as well!


The percentage increase to first time donor retention that some clients have seen using ThankView for stewardship.

Engage Your Audience

Video Reply

Recipients can respond to your ThankViews with their own videos. It’s the perfect way to collect feedback and reviews.

Take Action

Add buttons, or insert giving forms to get your audience to take action after watching.

Video Request

Utilize your students, scholars and staff by requesting specific video content, all of which comes back to your library for review.

Social Sharing

Enjoy the network effect of social media sharing. Use ThankView to bolster your Giving Day and spread the word!

Interested to Learn If We’re Right For You?

Want the full tour or just have a question? We’re here to help!


The average email open rate our partners experience with ThankView

Your Time is Everything

Send One to Many

Only have time to create one video? The ThankView platform still personalizes aspects of the delivery, so every send feels special.

Scheduling & Automation

Automatically send birthday videos, gift reminders and donation updates. Deliver videos in two minutes or two months.

Follow Up Faster

Smart Lists generate and update with recipients who meet criteria you choose, making it easier to immediately reach back out to your most engaged members.

Stay true to your brand


Our design team will create beautiful, bespoke envelopes using your approved branding guidelines.

Landing Pages

When your recipients open their ThankViews, everything about the landing page will match your look and feel.


Add an extra splash of panache with video overlays. You can add nameplates, moving gifs and more.

Intros & Endcards

The ThankView platform lets you add brandable elements to the beginning and end of each video, no editing required.

Have a single video you want to personalize?

With Dynamic Personalization, we add recipient-specific info into your video, then generate 1,000+ versions

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Advanced Metrics

Know Who’s Watching

Sure, you’ll see opens and clicks. But you’ll also know who’s watched, how many times, where they watched & how they engaged.

Engagement Scores

Identify who is most loving your messages. Break it down based on gender, age, location and more.

Make The Next Move

Build your donor database and fundraise smarter with easy tracking, email, filter, and export functionality across unlimited

Video Editing Capabilities


Combine an individualized opening video with a generic second message to help save time while staying personal.

Simple Editing

Crop, trim, resize and combine videos with ease. Explore our Animoto partnership to get even more.

Closed Captioning

Add subtitles, written and reviewed by a real human, to any video with a single click. Perfect for staying ADA compliant.

HD Recording

Film your videos directly into ThankView via your webcam, phone or camera with HD quality.

Easy Import & Export

Title Name Society Birthday
Mr. John S. Alumni 01/01/64
Ms. Jacqueline S. Food 03/06/86
Mrs. Jane S. Animal 07/18/66
Email Donor ID Name Class Year A-12345 Duke Silver 2003 A-12346 Michael Scarn 1962 A-12347 Regina Phalange 1995

Export and import contacts easily through spreadsheets from:

Host & Organize Unlimited Video

Unlimited Cloud-Based Storage

Save every video you record through ThankView and upload all your existing content, too. No extra charge.

Create Folders & Searchable Tags

Keep your Video Library organized with folders and tags that your entire team can create and manage.

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Big Brothers Big Sisters - KC

BBBSKC has transformed their communication with donors using ThankView

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Memphis re-engages donors who have not given by their usual anniversary date.

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