Moffitt Cancer Center Experiments with New Ways to Engage Donors

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The Challenge: How to Create a Uniformly Branded Experience Across Multiple Departments

Kate Douglass, upon taking the reins of Moffitt’s stewardship team, tackled the challenge of creating a donor outreach process that is uniform across all departments. She sought to make sure Moffitt consistently showed gratitude and shared information with their donors.

Since Kate quickly demonstrated the positive difference a dedicated stewardship department could have, Moffitt decided to make two crucial investments: they approved an expansion of the stewardship team from one to five people and decided to try out ThankView for sharing videos with donors.

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ThankView Solution: Our Design Team is up the to Challenge!

Dr. Smalley & Dr. Sondak thanking supporters personally for helping fund their research.

Because of Moffitt’s size, the new stewardship team faced the challenge of having multiple departments that each had their own unique branding guidelines. ThankView helped the Moffitt team by designing fully branded assets based on the overarching Moffitt brand guidelines which could be used organization wide.

These consistently branded assets ensures that their outreach is uniform, on brand and totally personalized, no matter which department was using ThankView. “We've got the Cancer Center logo, the Foundation logo, our Signature Events like the Magnolia Ball and Miles for's definitely been a plus that ThankView can be on brand,” said Douglass.

Moffitt first tested ThankView by sending a personalized ThankView to a couple who had donated to a specific grant. Dr. Smalley and Dr. Sondak recorded a short video thanking the recipients personally for their generous gift to Moffitt describing just how important the research is. After their first campaign, Moffitt was off to the races with ThankView! Their first foray into larger sends was an invitation to the Miles for Moffitt kick-off 2018 event, which featured footage from the the 2017 charity race.

“ThankView, gives us the opportunity to reach out in a different way, especially for mid level and major donors,” said Douglass.

Ever thoughtful, Moffitt takes the time to send ThankViews to donors unable to attend events. They pack these ThankViews with fun insider footage, generating excitement for the next fundraising event.

“ThankView, gives us the opportunity to reach out in a different way, especially for mid level and major donors”

Their Results

Moffitt’s stewardship team has grown exponentially over the past year. Annemarie Heath-Coevert, the online communications manager has now taken reins of ThankView, implementing new and exciting ways to use the platform. These days, every Moffitt event inspires Douglass and Anne-Marie’s colleagues to say, “Let’s send a ThankView!”

Whether it’s an invitation, a thank-you, or an event recap, Moffitt is experimenting and pushing the boundaries of how ThankView can be used to connect with donors.

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